In 2009 the founder Emil Koppen started the Crewe-Diagnostics, located in Drachten (The Netherlands). Emil (and his father) were already for over 25 years Bentley and Rolls-Royce enthusiasts. Emil has his Bachelor and Master University degree in Automotive Technology specialism Electrical Control Systems. Emil has worked over the years at Bentley Motors Ltd. in the United Kingdom and VW/Robert Bosch GmbH in Germany. The gained knowledge and experience results in a dedicated fundamental basis for understanding (Bentley) electrical systems and the ability to diagnose and solve complex issues. In meanwhile our team is extended with 2 part-time electrical engineers (Bentley enthusiasts).


Crewe-Diagnostics is specialized in motor cars which are built at Crewe (United Kingdom). Crewe is the hometown of (current) built Bentley motor cars, and in the past also Rolls-Royce motor cars. Since 2003, the development and production of Rolls-Royce motor cars was moved to Goodwood (United Kingdom) and are not further supported by Crewe-Diagnostics. Crewe-Diagnostics is spezialized in diagnostic services and electrical component repair, replacement, (re-)programming & validation for Crewe-built motor cars from 198x. Crewe-Diagnostics has unique developed diagnostic and validation equipment for Bentley motor cars, resulting in a very high range of supported Electronic Control Units (ECU’s), Sensors & Actuators. This equipment is in-house developed and produced, using the latest hardware and software possibilities available for the Crewe-Diagnostics purposes. The validation facilities are fully modular, meaning that with one test rig, Crewe-Diagnostics is able to validate most ECU’s, by only changing the interface and the ECU configuration in the Crewe-Diagnostics software. For our diagnostic service we use initially brand specific tools, but if further research is required, the more advanced diagnostic tools will be used to access the system under consideration.

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